Already love blogging

Today will be the 2nd day of  blogging and I'm loving it:) Already blogged about what I do, my obsessions, an old Disney cartoon etc. Speaking of Disney, I registered on the Animation Source Website. it has different  fan pages of some old Disney cartoons and movies. I'm registered on the Talespin fan page on the website. Haven't posted anything there in a few months, been busy. Was going to start posting stuff like drawings there when I find the time and energy.
The website and fan fages have their own shoutbox, where fans can chat about characters, the show etc. The shoutbox theme can also be customized, with either wallpaper or sounds. Mine on the Talespin fan page has Air pirates wallpaper. My avatar is that of an image of an Air pirates. I had chosen a Maddog image. The website is really fun, creative and in a way, hands on:)