Already thinking about the upcoming holidays.

That time of year is just around the corner. Halloween, Thanksgiving,Christmas and New Years. The next 3 to 4 months I will be in pondering mode on decorating, cooking, shopping and family. With Halloween, There is not much to shop for. Just pumpkins for carving jackolanterns, candy, and a few odds and ends decor. Thanksgiving, there is plenty of grocery shopping to do like buying a turkey, and some food for the big dinner.
Right after Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, the day where stores open before dawn so people can get an early start on the Christmas shopping. I call it sometimes the big rush, With many weeks before Christmas eve to find gifts for the family, and baking. There is not anything to New Years but drinking and trowing my homemade confetti everywhere when the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve.
I can ponder, I sure have a lot of time to, with Halloween being 1 month and 27 days away already! Thanksgiving is 2 months and 18 day away; Christmas is 3 months and 21 days away; and New Years is 3 months and 28 days away. Going to be counting down to each holiday until New Years Eve.