Began picking back up in job hunting

Did not do a lot today other than clean up after cats, run. tweet, job hunt, went to Target to get a few things and watering. The job hunting I will do more of tomorrow. It's very important that I find work soon. I expected myself to be back to working 1 to 2 years ago. No luck with finding work since. One of my old twin sisters is also having trouble finding work and she's 45 years old (birthday is in January). I thought being 30 and still unemployed was bad!
My sister will have to search other professions or fields for jobs. Not a lot of jobs in engineering, even though she went to school and has a certification. She is just so picky on finding other work. She wants to stay focused find work in that particular profession because it is a high paying profession. She is looking for engineering jobs that pay $100,000 a year more and she is depressed and frustrated. Just not easy finding work right now. I had lost faith almost in the job market and right now it's time for me to pick up again and keep my head up.
Ialso should not put high expectations on myself, as it will take time to accomplish them. Finding a job is not what is used to be anymore. Now employers want and expect so much that there is not a lot of applicants to meet hiring requirements, underqualified or overqualified. Some employers want to use an applicant's credit score and Facebook page just to judge their character or personality. I call that an invasion of privacy, as a job applicants finances or what is on their Facebook page should not be any of the employer's or company's  business.