I need to mention this

I'm on Twitter a lot, more than Facebook and MySpace. I tweet just about anything in the book. I tweet about my running because I'm a runner, celebrities, celebrity news and birthdays sometimes; weather, day to day life etc. I do have a habit of tweeting about an old Disney cartoon I watched as kid. It was part of the Disney Afternoon block. That would be Talespin. Man, I loved that show, was one of the most favorites out in the Disney Afternoon lineup.
My favorite characters I tweet about or have always tweeted about were Don Karnage, air pirates and Rick Sky. Rick sky is the interesting one because I'm about the same age as him (in the Bygones episode his age is somewhat given away) I could also be the same age as some of the Air pirates. Wow, the same age as cartoon cartoon characters. There. I just explained my little cartoon tweeting habit or nostalgia tweeting.