My marathon training

My marathon training is going well so far, even though I am 7 weeks in and going to find and decide what marathon to sign up for. I will be my 3 rd  full marathon My marathon marathon was the Seattle Marathon last November, whicj I finished in 3 hours 52 minutes; and my 2nd was 50k ultra marathon in April, 5 days after my birthday, which I finished in 5 hours 51 minutes. Too bad it was not exactly 30 miles as it was a belated 30th birthday present. The race was 31.2 miles!
I have also done other races in the past year and a half. I ran a 5k near Puyallup, WA in 25 minutes and 30 seconds; The Sound to the Narrows 12k in June 2011 in 1 hour and 8 minutes and a year ago last month I ran Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon in 1 hour 53 minutes. About 6 to 8 weeks after the Seattle marathon, I trained for a mountain marathon. In March I attempted to complete the race, but had to withdraw due to altitude and shortness of breath. I had never been a mountain runner. I had to miss a marathon in June due to a bummed right knee, which I suffered a month earlier.
When my knee improved 7 weeks ago, I went back to my training. I was worried a bit about my knee acting up again and have not had anymore issues since. When I run at night(which I had been doing often lately) I always have to use caution for cracks in road or sidewalks and potholes. I cannot be messing up my knees again. My running routes are usually well lighted main streets with neighborhood side streets that are sometime lighted. Those can be risky, as they are a lot of streets here in Tacoma, WA that need repaired.
Below are my marathon medals and a finisher's glass.
My Tacoma narrows Half Marathon Finisher's Glass
My Seattle marathon medal with finisher's certificate
My Mt. Si Ultra 50k Medal (50k is 31.2 miles