Update on Marathon training and running

My training right now is doing okay. Had to skip a weekend 2 weekends ago because I was so exhausted from lack of sleep. My last training run was last Sunday evening on the treadmill because it was too late for me to get outside. This weekend will be 2 huge big training runs with today being a little over 3 hours and tomorrow being about 3 1/2 hours. Those 2 runs will at least make up for my low mileage this week.
My low mileage was due to sickness, and exhaustion from stress and lack of sleep. 3 runs this week totaling about an estimate 20-something miles will get turned around by the end of this weekend with an estimated low 70-something mileage which is, I say fair. That will be probably the final total this weeks runs, which is far better than last week. Last week, I did only 1 long outdoor run and the other 4 runs were shorter indoor treadmill runs because it was too late to run outside.
 I estimated to have totaled in the low 50s last week. That low mileage was also due to lack of sleep and exhaustion.I'm signing up for a 5k and a 50k with in a couple of weeks. Now I'm slowly getting my running back up to par and using the treadmill only if I need to. Stress, illness, and exhaustion from lack of sleep are tied together and are not good for my running. I hate missing running days due to these things and have to do "killer runs" to make up mileage. Definitely not good. I am doing the best I can at avoiding stress and making an effort to improve my sleep issues. I need to keep myself well.
This will be my 2nd 50k this year and my 1st 5k this year. Next month I will sign up to run the Seattle Marathon again this year and maybe 1 or 2 Christmas races in December, 1 or 2 in January as well. That is plenty of races to run while I am still 30. Speaking of  30, my plan is to do a blog either next month or in December on how my life is so far at 30. I have 6 months and 11 days left of being 30, 30 for the last 3 months of this year, and I am still 30 for the 1st 3 1/2 months of next year until April 16th at 11:59pm and when the clock strikes midnight, it will be April 17th, which is my 31st birthday. This gives me the perfect amount of time to plan a "Life so far at 30" post because I have a lot of time left enjoying the other half of my 30th year.