2nd Update on marathon training and races

My marathon training is going okay. Had a low mileage week due to having a slight cold and stomach problems. Had to miss a Halloween 5K race back on the 21st due to stomach issues, just did 20 or 21 miles of a mountain 50K race Sunday due to pain from all the climbing and had a bad stomach. I did not know that was a mountain race. I thought the course would be flatter. now I know better to sign up for shorter races  20 miles or under if they are mountain races. But I did do about 5 runs last week,  2or 3 of the runs were indoor, and 2 or 3 counting the race, were outdoor. Mileage total is estimated to be mid 60-something but still low due to being sick off and on.

I had even still got a t-shirt and water bottle, even if I just did 20 or 21 miles.

My mileage will pick up a little more toward normal starting this week. The Seattle Marathon is 3 1/2 weeks away and I will likely have to sign up at the expo 2 days before race. Hoping to knock a few minutes off this year and the weather be nicer.