My training so far over 4 months

My marathon training so far is okay. I am not running the Seattle Marathon this year (even though it's tomorrow) because I need to save the money for my Christmas job I will be starting in 9 days.. I am however, going to be signing up for a Christmas marathon next month and a half marathon at the end of next month.
The last race which the  Cougar Mountain 50K I did 20 miles of, I used that as a training run also. I have done about 3 training runs within the month and a half on the treadmill due to being busy or the weather. 3+ hour runs on the treadmill are distracting for me because I have my cats and the TV right there, but I should not keep knocking the treadmill as it is there if I need to use it. Here is a pic of me at the Cougar Mountain races (50K race) last month October 28th.
 I was already becoming exhausted from all the hill climbing, which there is a lot of with mountain races. That is what makes these types of marathons and races hard. I just felt like I am not physically fit enough for these types of races because I never was a mountain runner.