Goodbye 2012, hello 2013

i was hoping 2012 would be a better year, especially when it would to changing my life such as getting my financial footing back by getting a job. Only 1 try at a Christmas postal and unfortunately I had to quit because of being unfairly targeted like most of my past jobs. Being targeted, harassed intimidated and stalked by debt collectors has made me into a bit of a paranoid person this year. I have been thinking of ways to stop it. There needs to more laws and harassment, stalking and abuse by debt collectors and creditors. One last thing that made 2012 different. I was in 5 races. Finished 3 of them. 2 were mountain marathons ( 1 was a mountain ultra) that I struggled and could not finish. I ran something in both of them, a few miles of 1 and 20 miles of the other. The other 3 were an ultra, a marathon and half marathon. I am sure hoping 2013 will be better overall. Getting a job, running even more races, and maybe start getting into the habit of buying lotto tickets and hope to strike it rich. Here's to 2013!