Sporty Divas Half Marathon race

Yesterday, I ran one of the Sporty Divas races. I ran the half marathon. 2 hours is still a good time. I wanted to finish at a slightly faster time, but 2 things slowed me. I had to stop and figure out how to secure my keys tied to my shoe and my aching foot. I been having foot issues for about 5 days now. I talked to a neighbor that is also a runner and a running coach, he thinks it's plantar fasciitis, but now, the pain is not as bad as it was. I have been taking Aleve for the pain so I can run. Yesterday morning before I went to the race, I had to take 2 Aleve so I can get through. It was also cold yesterday as well. It was no warmer than 40 degrees or just below it. It was cold and foggy when I went to the race, and my fingertips were frozen and hurting, even with fleece gloves. Yesterday still turned out good.
These were the pics I had taken when I got home from the race. I'm hoping to see the results posted online soon.