Mega Fatass race-The exhausting 17 mile mountain run

Yesterday, I did the Mega Fatass race. I did the 17 mile distance and finished in about 3 hours and 44 minutes, which is not bad for a first-ever finished mountain race. I, in a way, expected it to be like how Cougar Mountain was, but it was a bit easier with not as much uphill and downhill like Cougar Mountain was. There were ever SAR (Search and Rescue) people stationed as well, At the 8.5 mile aid station, there was water, and tequila. Yes tequila. I had water and 1 shot of tequila. The next 8.5 miles back was a bit easier and faster with, of course, some uphill I had to walk, but it I picked up my pace to try to finish at my target time of 3 hours and 36 minutes. I ended up finishing 8 minutes late at at about 3 hours and 44 minutes. There was food, refreshments, soup, and some candy for after race. I did hang around and had a cup of Sprite soda and a few miniature Reeses Peanut Butter Cups before I head home. I did enjoy the race, even though my legs were tired, tight and a bit sore. All I have is 1 pic of my bib number. Before I headed home from the race, my hands were hurting because of the cold and I did not feel like walking to the truck to get my phone to take pics. There were no medals, t-shirts, goody bags and water bottles with this race.