Planning to run more races this year

I am going to make this year a better racing year for me in running races. It will all depend on money and race fees. Since i am unemployed, i will chose mostly cheaper races to register for, except 2 big marathons like the Rock'n Roll Seattle Marathon and the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon. I keep saying to myself that i cannot wait until I finally have a job and be able to afford more.Finding employment and keeping it has been a struggle for me for years. It just seems that these employers think that I cannot do the job, my personality is not a fit for the job, or that I am a poor performer on the job(set up for failure). I will show these people what I got and will do whatever it takes to get a job, may be even fight for it, if I need to. Having more money to spend will definitely benefit me running races because I can choose the more expensive ones to register for.Having a job for me, is much more important than just for running more races, to financially help my family and to pay of old debt.