How things have been going lately

It has been 4 weeks since I last posted anything, about a month. In those 4 weeks, nothing much really happened except I got a new (well it's new to me) iPod Touch and been wearing it for my outdoor runs. It's an old model,a 2nd generation 8gb iPod Touch. I also had to order accessories for it such as a charge/sync cord, ear phones, and an arm band for my outdoor running. The only downfall is that since the iPod has the outdated iOS 4.2.1, apps are limited due to non-compatibility as many apps now support the newer iOS 5.1. It still fits my needs. The device already has the Nike+ app, but I need to have the sensor and the adapter. Thinking about getting those and trying out for my outdoor runs. I tried a few other running apps and had to deleted them because they were not adding up with the distance on my watch and 2 did not work. I love my iPod Touch and thinking about getting a new iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle when I get a job, along with a laptop. Another thing that's been happening going through a pregnancy scare and may have been pregnant. I ha have to go to a walk in clinic when i have the money to get examined. a few days before i had the bleed, I took 2 pregnancy tests. They were store brand tests, 1 negative and 1 false positive. I wanted to wait a little longer to be sure as I had not had a menstrual cycle since the day after the Mega Fatass race in January. I think if I was pregnant, I may have been just shy of 7 weeks. That is already half way through the 1st trimester! I'm testing again next week to be sure they turn negative then go from there. Ever since I had been a little depressed and emotional as well. I still feel a little like a balloon, but that is slowly disappearing hopefully. Yesterday and today I been browsing around courses and traing programs and may have decided which to take. I know it may help me get a job faster and add to my resume. I been giving up a lot because every time I put work into job hunting, I never get any response let alone an interview invite. When I do get interviews, no responses on if I got the job or not. There must be something I am lacking, my credit or maybe my having gaps in my employment history that is keeping my from getting back to work. How am I to pay off my debt and be financally on my feet if employers will not give me a chanc? I am just as human as any other applicant and deserve the right to work and better myself! Now because I have bad credit and in debt, I do not deserve to to have a job or career to better myself. I just feel like a hopeless cause and life is not letting have a fair chance and beating me down. I was even hopiong this will be a better year. Now with just about 9 1/2 months left hopefully it will still be better.