Possibility of getting into more cooking and baking

I am thinking about (and possibly looking at) getting back into cooking and baking again. I have not baked or cooked that much since my teens. I just might have lost interest and been eating TV dinners, frozen pizzas and other entrees for a lot of years now. The only thing I cook is pasta, top ramen, instant mashed potatoes or hot dogs. My mother used to be an avid cook and baker. She was the best in the family when it came to cooking and baking. I'm looking at baking an Easter cake or an cooking more holiday dishes and baking deserts this year. Since there are 2 holidays this month this year, I have to rush into planning. This week I will browse for some St. Patrick's Day recipes and in 2 weeks, Easter recipes. I have a Peeps sunflower cake cake recipe that 1 of my Twitter follows had tweeted me the link to, therefore an Easter Peeps sunflower cake. So it will be holiday dishes/meals and deserts every holiday for the remainder of the year.