My Birthday:Hopefully a Better 31st Year

Today is my 31st birthday:) 30 was a fast year. 31? Hmmm. One thing for sure is that I'm making 31 a better year for me. Getting back into the workforce, love, and trying for baby again. I am just thinking my next milestone birthday is just 9 years away-the big 4-0! My next semi-milestone birthday( in between milestone birthday),since the milestone birthday is every 10 years, which is my 35th birthday is 4 years away. Hopefully by then, I will be married and a working mom. I am so happy that I am now over 30:) Even though I am 31 now, I do look about 4 to 5 years older (35 to 36) due to all the stress, and lack of sleep. I had made a big list, 31 things that make the type of person I am. 31 Things That Make The Person I am 1. I am a cat person. I had been a cat person since I was a young kid. 2. Social Networking. MySpace, Twitter and Facebook are where i love to share pics, news, blog posts and other updates. 3. Being a gardener. I had gotten started in gardening when I was 16. The neighbors I had at the time got me started with it. Sometime I do complain about the weeding and all other yardwork as it is part of the upkeep on the yard. 4. Shopping. When I have the money, I like to splurge on clothes and shoes sometimes. Once I become employed, that will change and I will be able to have more money to afford it. 5. My Gadgets. Everytime I get a new iPod or other gadget, I become attached. I was this way when I got my tablet, netbook, and every iPod I owned. If it is new to me, hard for me to let go. 6. Being a runner. I, like most other seriuous runners, genuinely enjoy running. For me, running is one of my hobbies that I do, not just as weight control and relieving stress, but it helps me focus, and think more clearly. I don't use it as a cover up issues with food, as running should never be just about thinness and love-hate relationship with food. I love running outdoor more than indoors because I feel less distracted by everything around me. 7. Having a brain like a computer. I do have a good memory. Though sometimes when I get stressed or have too much on my mind, than my memory will fizzle a little. 8. Being organized. Should be a part of daily life. I do live in a small house, so I try to think of areas best to store extra stuff. I do sometimes have an organizing day, when I throw away any old paperwork, or junk that has been causing clutter. 9. The internet. For browsing anything and for social media (I am on Twitter the most). 10. Cooking and baking, though I am trying to get back into it more starting this year. Was into it a lot as a teenager and into my early-20's. 11. Games, whether they are on my iPod, tablet, netbook, computer or Nintendo Wii. Christmas 1992, at age 10 I got my first Nintendo game console. It was a Super Nintendo. Super Mario World and Mario Paint, along with the mouse and mouse pad for the game came with it as a bundle. 12. Being or trying to be a fix-it person around the house. 13. A dreamer. I like to dream all the time. 14. Being a thinker. I like to think things through, use judgement. 15. Coffee, tea and candy. These three things help give me energy or a "pick me up" when i need it. 16. Old Disney Afternoon cartoons. I used to be obsessed with Talespin when it first aired when I was 8. I still am obsessed. My favorite characters I'm obsessed with are Don Karnage and the Air Pirates. 17. Authenticity. I'm also honest and do not like to lie about stuff or about my life. It is what it is. 18. Favorite shows and movies. I am picky about what I watch on TV. 19. Artwork. My artwork is mostly old drawings that i have taped to my bedroom walls from my junior year in high school, and a couple of Talespin drawings. 20. Being a complainer. Yes, I do complain a lot when things do not go my way or the way they should go. 21. Being a shoe nut. I have always be a shoe nut. Been one since I was little kid. 22. Being positive or trying to be. 23. Helping people. 24. Being a great neighbor. 25. Being creative. 26. Being investigative, as I like to find solutions to issues, getting information. 27. Clothes. I am also a clothing nut sometimes. Not as much as I am a shoe nut. I have a lot of clothes and shoes. 28. Focusing on reality. I do not like living in a fantasy world or a bubble. 29. Being a hard worker. 30. Doing things for people. 31. Just being me.