My part in honoring the Boston Marathon Tragedy Victims (updated)Updatred

I'm going to be honoring the victims of the Boston Marathon Tragedy. I am thinking of what to do as I am already a runner myself. Maybe artwork such as a nice drawing, planting flowers and other stuff that can be done. Maybe baking a cake or a big cookie (like the one I made for Christmas) but decorated with the logo. I just need to get the correct colors of icing. It just feels good for me to do this:) Update: I decide that I will dedicate my next marathon, which I am planning to run in June, along with each race I run for the remainder of this year to the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy, and to my family and friends everywhere, even ones on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. I did plan on signing up for the race just before the tragedy. I am also dedicating my training run this weekend in honor of the victims and I will have a post up late Sunday. I have already dedicated one of my runs this week. It just feels accomplishing to do something in honor.