Update on marathon training

My marathon training is going better now since it is spring, less half and half weeks (half outdoor running, half indoor running), less rain and of course, no pregnancy to worry about again yet but will worry about that within the next few months since I will be trying to get pregnant again, to hope it sticks and a doctor's confirmation. Well enough about that for now. But it is going better. Still stormy days where I have to run indoors, the treadmill is there for that purpose for when the weather gets too inclement. Still looking for cheaper races to sign up for as well. I will be signing up for a marathon that is a day after the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon which is June 22nd, which I may not be able to do.This marathon is June 23rd. I also wanted to run an ultra this month, the Mt. Si. Ultra 50K, but the supposed or might have been pregnancy messed up my training for that, leaving traing runs shorter than they should be for an ultra. I also want to run The tacoma City Marathon, but can't afford it right now. The last 3 weeks i have been putting more effort into finding a job so I can afford more races, as I am not getting any younger.