Competing neighbor with yard mowing

I have recently again became a competition magnet. It is all about the neighbor (or neighbor's son or his ex) obsessed with knowing how often I mow my yard. His son wants his parent's yard to look as nice as mine, but it takes hard work and of course, your own ideas when it to taking care of the yard. He must think I mow my yard twice over, which I do not, but somehow seems to be of envy.
He or his ex mow their parent's yard twice over, sometimes 3 times over, when dries out and wilts the grass to where it looks like straw. Not healthy to mow that way, and for them to think their neighbor, which is me do the same to my yard. There is a right and wrong way to mow. Competing with me on the mowing just shows he is a bit obsessed. Their yard is never watered too, so why would he care about how I am taking care of my yard and when I mow? I have been a competition magnet on my block for years, but the mowing competition is ridiculous. Competition is about obsession and about how much better one person thinks they are at doing anything than the other person. 
Here is a pic that I had taken from my bedroom window of their  yard. It is drying out from the excessive over mowing which I had just explained.