Happy 4th!

It has been about a month since I last posted anything. Been busy. This 4th is looking to be the typical of every year, being at  my Dad's girlfriend's to fire off fireworks due to to the overcrowded Ruston Way Waterfront with the Freedom Fair and the city's senseless and pointless fireworks ban. 
I have always thought the ban was all about money, and revenue from fines. A some $250-something fine and confiscation of fireworks. The ban has been in effect since 1998, but there are still people firing off fireworks. The police need to be there for real emergencies, not pointless fireworks patrols. 
I did think writing a letter to the city to lift the fireworks ban a few years ago when hardly anyone was following and still firing off fireworks, as it seems pointless and ridiculous to have a fireworks ban when the people here will still break the law and have fireworks. That is my rant on how, here in Tacoma, Wa, Independence Day is forever dampened with a pointless fireworks ban.  What's the point in battling crowds and traffic to see the big public display at the Freedom Fair than make it easier and hassle free to celebrate the 4th from your own backyard with having fireworks.