Goings on lately

I have not posted anything since right after the 4th of July holiday nearly 3 months ago. Not much has really happened. Except my struggles with finding work, just about have given up on the job market. I have been deceived and lied to for years by the job market. 
I keep telling myself and opened up about the maybe or possible reasons for my difficulties keeping past jobs and the last 2 I had tried in the last year on Facebook. I think I may have never had a regular working person's personality, meaning I could be meant to be my own boss, or self employment. No bosses that constantly target and harass or accuse me of not working on the job. No beat down crap like I'm not physically or mentally able to perform jobs.
I know being self employed would take money for me to begin on, I can think of other types of self employment, such as writing. Some writing and blogging jobs are not self employment, though it would be different than a regular job. Regular work is hard to obtain these data. Employers are too picky choosy, go by work history and or sometimes credit score. Also for what I had just stated about not having the personality and being labeled a poor performer or lazy.
Now there is new stress other than unemployment. My dad's girlfriend of 13+ years just passed away. She passed away 3 days ago. Dad and I had not being taking it well, especially Dad. Too many wonderful memories in 13+ years is sad to think about. That is a long time. It will take awhile to heal and grieve. I have been trying to motivate him into finding a hobby to do. I told him he can be a writer  like his older cousin. It will take him a bit longer to grieve. He needs his time to be sad.
I keep watching over him and make sure he's taken care of. It is just so sad and stressful right now. We will and can get through this. Just have to motivate ourselves!