Well, I am going to go ahead and "spill the beans" about my mentions on Facebook and on Twitter about the "packing for storage". I am moving! Yes moving. I have no choice since my dad, who is financially supporting the rent payments for me to live there needs to save money as he no longer can afford it.
Right now, I had been staying with him at  his now late girlfriend Cathy's house. Cathy, to be honest, wanted my dad and I to have her house once she passed. I have been really slow at the moving process lately due to being sick for the past several days. I need to get at least 80% of my stuff from the house before keys are turned in. Also still need to give the rental office and owner notice, which my dad does not want me to do because he doesn't want to pay this month's rent. I, by law have to give at least a 3 week notice or we would be in violation and could jeopardize us renting another house or an apartment in the future. There has been a lot of fighting with dad on this as it is and is a huge contributor to my moving stress.
I had repeatedly told him he does not have to pay for the rent and fees. That I was going to raise money for that and to cover the other bills like the cable,Internet and some utilities. I had started a GoFundMe page today, with a 30 to 60 day goal to get the money raised. I had no choice to do this, to help out. My Facebook page is already connected. Just need to connect my Twitter now, as I have over 1200 fellow followers. I feel a little better now that I am getting something started:)