Update on my moving

Finally finished the move this past Thursday. Myself and my 2 cats that I had left said our goodbyes to my 24 1/2 years of wonderful and happy memories. I had pretty much taken every thing with me I had space in storage, the truck and my dad's place for. I had to leave some stuff like my old furniture and other junk behind. 
Had to take 5 of my cats to the local Humane Society, praying they would be adopted, not euthanized dye to the shelter being full. It was very emotional, as I had become attached to the house due to all the years of memories. The reason for the move was due to my not having employment, which I wish I could have had if life, just saying, treated be better.
There now will be more time to look for work, which will be self employment opportunists, like working from home online, not worrying about being harassed by hating bosses that single me out as a poor performer, lazy, no personality, slow, non reliable, not responsible or no work ethic. I have had enough of the crap with jobs over the years. Bosses and employers are that way to certain employees they see that are either weird, odd or just appear to be a bad seed in their eyes and will look for excuses not to hire or fire these "bad employees". I have said enough on this so many times.
The moving was stressful, exhausting and was physically draining due myself as the only person doing it all myself. I was also burned out too, physically, mentally and emotionally.