Update: My pregnancy and now life as a new mom

My pregnancy was rather in between rough and easy. I did do things I was not supposed to have been doing such as moving, because I had to do it alone with    no help, and lifting. I still managed to stay physically active with running and workouts ( exercised twice a day ) until my 6th month and still continued with the working out and had to incorporate walking ( mostly on stores due to shopping several times a week, walking programs at the end until my water broke ), in the last 3 months because my baby bump was too big and uncomfortable to continue running. The walking programs I did at the end of pregnancy included a bit of running in them.
Not much morning sickness except within the first 6 or 7 weeks with dizziness, headaches, nausea, lightheadness, dry heaving, digestive issues, and just feeling like crap. I had to even take about 3 weeks off from running and worked out very little due to feeling sick and lightheaded. Other than that, I had random nausea and even a little puking about the middle of my pregnancy. 
I had a little more stomach discomfort and nausea in the last 2 months of pregnancy, along with foot and leg swelling (edema) in my last month. The morning my water broke (1/13/14), I was trying to put a bag of clothes on a shelf in a closet. I quickly got into another pair of pjs, my dad had driven me to the hospital. 
My water breaking was the start of labor, not turning painful until late afternoon, throughout the evening and overnight. Had an epidural, when it would wear off, had to keep administering myself more so I would not in so much pain. I was also having hip pain as well. One night of hell for me and trying to get my labor to progress made it not much worse. I was even puking. The puking really began in the afternoon, lasted through most of that evening off and on. Felt like the worst night of my life!
Later the next morning and into the afternoon ( 1/14/14), nurses were continuing to get my labor to progress for about an hour or two, was not happening . My OB was there in the delivery room, had told me I needed to have a c-section due to labor not progressing. May have had something to do with my son being to large, though had suspected I may have needed a c-section. Then they waited for operating room to be cleaned up and wheeled me on there and had given me an epidural again. I did not feel anything.
I was assuming the surgery had taken a little more than a half hour, based on 1 of my hospital bracelets I had on my right wrist (1 for the surgery) had the time written on it. At 1:43pm that afternoon, about 30 hours after my water broke, my son Dylan Landon was born. He was cleaned up and taken to the nursery, where they had to keep him due to low blood sugar until later on the evening. I did to give him a kiss before he was taken to the nursery. I puked again after surgery due to a grape solution With salt in it I had to drink before surgery. 
It was a total of 4 days I stayed in the hospital.
This is just a brief summary about my pregnancy and the birth of my son Dylan, who is just over 5 1/2 weeks old. I am learning and always have questions. Parenthood and also motherhood, feels like I am in another world. I have a different life now, with feedings and diaper changes every 1 to 4 hours ( has been every 1 to 1 1/2 hours at times, as clustering ), seem like non stop feedings. It is getting better, as Dylan is sleeping through the night more now. His diaper changes are timed with his feedings but sometimes are in between.
I have been doing my best to introduce him to toys, although I may be rushing it since he is just over a month old. There are going to be parenting classes once a week for a hour for 10 weeks. These may give me more direction on my parenting. I also need to get in contact with Dylan's dad, although he may be back with his ex-wife and I am a bit paranoid about my safety once I do because he needs to be in Dylan's life. 
He dumped me early into my pregnancy early last summer. The last time we had contact which was in August. He lied to me and manipulated me into a relationship. He wanted us to have a baby. He may have been lying to me about his ex-wife all along. With him dumping me like discarded trash, especially early in pregnancy, and all the lying and manipulating, I did not like to talk about him that often, even on social networking.
Here are my many baby bump pics and pics of Dylan. I hope to feel safe and not be harassed when posting this post. It has been a few months due to all the harassment and crap. Now I will start blogging more again when I get the chance and keep up with updates. 

I also want to summarize how Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years was since I was pregnant. Halloween was too boring due to the lack of trick or treaters in the area. I ended up having most of candy leftover. Thanksgiving was just myself and my dad, I still did all the cooking. 
Christmas was okay but was myself and my dad again. My sister and her son, who live east of the Cascades in Spokane, visited and brought a gift for us. New Years was special this year due to myself becoming a mother in 2014 and nearly began this year becoming one.
Valentine's Day, I already had my gift, my son Dylan, even though He was born exactly a month earlier. This year is indeed truly special and life changing.