Getting Back To Blogging

I am finally getting back into my blogging after being chased away for the last few months by bullies, stalkers and trolls. I, just as anyone who choses to created a blog, has the right to do so and not to receive abusive and degrading commentary from these lurkers. My certainty is that there were 2 people leaving those comments that stalk my Twitter time line and take screen shots of my tweets.
Thier issue began over my dislike of a former reality TV star. I commented occasionally at blog that many truthers and non fans would comment at until the blog was shut down just over a year ago. Long story on it but will not disclose why here since I am protecting myself from the stalkers and trolls and will not post the link to any posts on Twitter for awhile. I do not need anymore stress and bs.
I love blogging, but these trouble makers will not run me off away from it if I do not let them. I may even turn blogging into a job, if somehow I can make my writing markable to any websites that are hiring bloggers and think I may have luck at. It has been 4 months, so about time to express my right to blog.