Goings on Lately

It has been 2 months since I last did a post. Had some luck in job hunting in the past month but they did not fit the standard day care schedule for Dylan (6am to 6pm). They were both 3 month temporary jobs, 1 food processing and the other job was a production/packaging job.
I, however, tried working a temporary job that was supposed to last 3 months, but unfortunately lasted 3 days. It was at a candle warehouse in Kent. I been so busy with job hunting matters for the last 2 months, there was no time to think about blogging. 
Now about how Dylan has been doing or what he is now or has been doing-standing, trying new foods and he now crawls everywhere in the house. He tends to crawl more to certain areas of the house than others. Tomorrow is  Halloween, which means it is his1st one, and pondered a good costume idea since it is also Blue Friday (the Friday before a Seahawks game). Blue Halloween is the idea for tomorrow night.
He also has his 1st Halloween pjs. Definitely a special occasion indeed, as all the other holidays this year, except New Years, were his 1st holidays, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve to go. 2 1/2 more months until the big 1st birthday. I will start doing posts a lot, like what I did 2 years ago last month when I began this blog. Just need to make time again. I may do a post about Halloween Saturday. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

*Update Edit 11/28/2014*

My apology for the late presentation of Dylan's Halloween pics from a few weeks ago. Here they are.
His costume, trick or treat candy tote and  Halloween pjs.