Getting back to my former runner self

This week I will be getting back to the person I used to be-a full time runner. My running has been a little here and there when I have time and it has been indoors due to being a busy mom and job endeavors. 
Summer was the last time I had ran outdoors, then I had been trying to pursue my job goals, which consisted of busy days job hunting. Just being too busy. My son and I recently had gotten over being sick back to back for several weeks. When sick, my energy levels are too low and I cannot workout. It was the most ever that Dylan or myself had been sick. 
For now, I could think how much better I will feel since I will be working toward my goal of getting back into full time running. I also miss being a marathon runner too, except now with Dylan, I would have to find a babysitter for him when I run marathons. Other races such as 5Ks or 10Ks he could be with me since they are short races of course.