Weekend Fun!

This has been such a fun weekend and interesting weekend especially for Dylan. We went on our mom and son outings to the Fright Factory haunted house Friday night and to the pumpkin patch just now yesterday afternoon, despite all the rain. I had also started Halloween decorating.
The Fright Factory haunted house Friday night was interesting and a little over the top for Dylan, since he is a toddler, though it was fun, a little scary, abd more than expected in a haunted house. The most scary and weird rooms were the spinning vortex and the funhouse looking room full of nothing but flickering strobe lights. I had to close my eyes and made sure Dylan's eyes were closed and had assistance getting through the room. I had to carry Dylan through all the rooms. I had shared a pic of before and a couple pics on social media after making it through due to pics not being allowed in any of the rooms.
Now yesterday afternoon's outing was more calmer with a trip to the pumpkin patch, in the rain. The activities we did were the train ride, hay ride and the vortex room, similar to the one in the Fright Factory haunted house, though it did seem to spin fast as that one and I had better balance carrying Dylan. The pumpkin picking followed. We also petted a goat and Dylan got to sit on a quad vehicle too. Pics from this activity werr also shared on social media. We did plan to go earlier in the day, however, the rain continued, but tapered when we went in the late afternoon. Overall what a fun weekend:)